Item of the Week Item# 1

December 24, 2007

Luke used to include the “Stock pick of the week” on his blog, but even though I beg and plead for him to bring it back almost hourly, he chooses to ignore my requests and go about his life. With that being said, I’m going to attempt to pick up where he left off with introducing the “item of the week” on my blog. This will include items I have tried, or would like to try, or perhaps even useless things that I find to be funny.

Without further due:

Item #1 Rain-X:

Rain-X Bottle

I was first introduced to this product last year on a road trip that Jameson and I took around the country. While our stop in Houston, TX our host put this stuff on our windows before we headed off to New Orleans, LA. We hit a pretty bad rain storm and did not use our wipers once. The rain would come off in sheets as if it never hit the windshield in the first place. It was great not having to worry about viability issues during that short trip. It only lasts 1-2 rainfalls before you have to re-apply, but its so worth it. I recommend it to everyone…. unless you don’t own a car. This product is worth the $5 investment.

Here’s the product description:

“Rain-X Original Glass Treatment dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility. Simply apply the treatment to exterior glass and watch the raindrops fly off your windshield while driving. Rain-X helps improve visibility by repelling rain, sleet and snow.
Improve all-weather visibility, safety and driving comfort
Helps easily remove frost, ice, salt, mud and bugs
Apply to exterior glass
In tests conducted by a major university, better visibility improved driving response time up to a full second or more. At highway speeds, that’s almost four car lengths of extra stopping distance!”


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