December 10, 2007

28-7. Champions. We won this year’s Pinedale Elementary flag football game! I’m very proud of my team for all their hard work. The truly are deserving of their title! Each member of the winning team (including myself) was awarded one of these:


Unfortunately this did not mean a perfect day at Pinedale Elementary for myself or my team. The team we faced had the best player in the league on their team. This kid was unstoppable until I figured out how to contain him. Once we’d stop him a couple of times he’d begin to cry our pout and play even worse… so of course I encouraged my kids to keep applying pressure. Well after the game I immediately brought my kids over to do the “2-4-6-8” chant and then shake the hands of the other team. The other team’s “star player” didn’t want any part of it. His mother came over to try and console him during this time. Seemingly innocent, right? While still around my kids she began to talk to her son by saying things like… “Don’t worry honey they’re just poor sports, they don’t deserve to win, they cheated, they’re losers, you’re so much better than they are… ” blah blah blah and so on. Since all of my kids could hear her negativity and lies I decided to take action.

For the remainder of this story I will refer to this woman as “Train Wreck Lady” or “TWL” since thats what she is.

Me: “Hey, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t say those things around my kids”
(Train Wreck Lady loses it)

TWL: “OH DON’T YOU TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” (while screaming)

Me: “Don’t raise your voice at me”

TWL: “Well your kids were being poor sports…” (I cut her off)

Me: “Absolutely not. My team played hard and deserved to win. We didn’t rub anything in, and we tried to shake everyone’s hands after the game. We’re all here to make sure the kids have fun and are encouraged but you’re (I pointed my finger in her face.. which was probably a bad move on my part) preventing that from happening.”

TWL: “You’re the worst of them all. You’re a terrible coach and example…” Blah blah blah (once again)

I just shook my head.

At this point the league organizer broke it up and asked me what had happened. I relayed the story to him and told him I felt like I needed to take my kid’s side because of the lies they were hearing from that woman’s mouth. Luckily he took my side… which didn’t stop the TWL from going to each parent telling them bad things about me but unfortunately for her I don’t care what she thinks of me. And I’m pretty sure those people will see how insane she is. Well at least I won’t have to see her ever again! Unless I coach in the spring… maybe I’ll even get her son on my team 😉

*team picture will be added later*


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