Its that time of the year again!

December 5, 2007

As 2007 is coming to a close, here are my top 10 favorite albums of this past year:

1 – Barcelona – “Absolutes”
2 – Eisley – “Combinations”
3 – Brighten – “King vs. Queen”
4 – Jon Foreman – “Fall [EP]”
5 – Sherwood – “A Different Light”
6 – Phil Wickham – “Cannons”
7 – Feist – “The Reminder”
8 – Saves The Day – “Under the Boards”
9 – Relient K – “Five Score and Seven Years Ago” – ok, lots of jr. high kids love them but this is a solid album!
10 – Ozma – “Pasadena”

Honorable mentions:

Travis – “The Boy with No Name”
Jimmy Eat World – “Chase this Light”
KT Tunstall – “Drastic Fantastic”
Paramore – “Riot!”
The Honorary Title – “Scream and Light Up the Sky”

I might compile a list of favorite movies for 2007 in the near-future.



  1. ok..i’m going to be the first to disagree with this list.
    I’ve only listened to two albums on it..so I have an outstanding qualification to be arguing.

    Ozma? 10th? more like 10 x .2 (and yes I had to check the math to make sure I got my point across)

    Phil Wickham? 6th? more like 6 x 1.666666667 (I didn’t have to check the math on this one)

  2. I should have checked the math

    because it should have been

    6 x .16666667

  3. No Rooney?

    And who is Feiest?

  4. Ahh…. I totally forgot about Ronney. Such a good album. I knew I’d forget some bands….. I’m not sure where’d put them though. Oh, and I edited my typo for you.

  5. Any list without Smashing Pumpkins – Zeitgeist = null and void.

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