December 3, 2007

Tonight I was sitting on my bed listening to the new Jon Foreman [EP] (which is excellent by the way) and had a random thought cross my mind. When answering someone’s question during a conversation I’ll often start out by saying, “Honestly, I…..” I preface my answer with “honestly” as if I weren’t being truthful (though I was) any other time I answer a question. Do you ever do that?

Something I found to be strange tonight: We had to audible our high school group plans since only one student showed up. So we decided to take the student to ice cream and just hang out. When asking the parent if it was alright to take their child out the parent responded with, “sure, do you have a vehicle big enough to fit all of you?” (note: there were 4 of us including the student). I’m sure the parent’s intention was good but of course my only thoughts at the time were sarcastic. Did the parent think we drove a 2 seat Porsche? Did we take a motor scooter? Who doesn’t have a car that seats 4 people? (don’t you dare comment with, “Tim, people drive 2 seater trucks… blah blah blah”) Anyway… honestly, I think I’m flawed.



  1. Ah, but have you so quickly forgotten the Yamaha Morphous?

  2. Honestly, the bigger question is who eats PralinePralineCarmel Frozen Yogurt?

  3. Seriously, I think her ice cream tasted more like pure maple syrup. You can’t blame here though. You have been sucking the smarts out of her lately. 😉

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