Top 5 things I do not enjoy

November 15, 2007

I borderline hate the following:

1) Shaving. I should have listened to my dad when I was like 13 and wanting to shave he said, “I know you want to act old now but you’re going to hate it when you get to be my age.” No dad, I hate it now, and I’m only 22. Maybe its time for one of these.

2) Clipping my finger/toenails. Maybe I have a crappy clipper but I hate the feeling my nails have for about a day after clipping

3) Folding laundry.  I do it every week, I’m tired of it.

4) Waking up before 6am

5) Saying no


One comment

  1. Interesting. I agree with numbers 2, 3, and 4. I don’t shave, because I have no reason to. 😛

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