November 13, 2007

That was the final score of this week’s football game.  My team won.  It was an ugly win, but a win is still a win, right?  My kids listened and cooperated a lot more compared to last week.  But the reason I’m writing is to tell about the opposing team’s coach.  He’s insane.  He’s a nice guy but gets SUPER competitive.  He doesn’t use positive reinforcement/encouraging words.  Even when his team makes a good play, he tells them what they did wrong.  This is 100% different than my approach.  Don’t get me wrong, I get way into the games too.  I’m shouting almost the entire time but its usually something positive.  “Good Job!”, “way to look alive!”,  “I know you can stop em!” Things of that nature.

This coach would be constantly taking his players out of the game because of small mistakes that really didn’t mean much.  He would complain that he had more girls on his team than some of the other teams… (though when he got them he didn’t seem to mind).  One play he says this to the ref “hey look at the other team, that kid looks like he’s tripping my players… I’m not trying to tattle tale or anything, I just want you to know.”  Ok dude, A)  You are tattle-tailing.  B) I don’t care if you are anyway.  I want my kids to play fair.  C)  My player wasn’t tripping.

The icing on the cake was the very last play of the game.  His team had the ball and were down by one touchdown.  They hike the ball, the horn sounds (signifying the end of the game) and so all the kids think the game is over but the ref didn’t blow the whistle.  Truth be told, I thought the game was over too… probably because I still haven’t finished reading all the rules.  The other coach is screaming at his kids to still keep the play going where as my kids just stand there.  Evey player but one.  Who happened to stop their player with the ball about 5 yards shy of the end zone.  I’ve never seen someone face get this red with anger.  He immediately started screaming at me and the ref for his players thinking the game was over.  I told him that his player should not be listening to me in the first place, and all but one of my players stopped playing as well.  Not like it mattered anyway… my kid stopped his player.  He wouldn’t shut up about it though.  Its amazing the attitudes some adults have.  I guess I’m lucky enough to not have to live vicariously through my players.


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