Who does that?!

November 8, 2007

This Saturday my band is playing at an Invisible Children’s Benefit show thats being held at Modesto High. It’s something that’s been on our calendar for a solid 2-3 months. Well last night the two promoters for the show sent us these messages:

“I don’t know if Sarah has already let you know but Saturday we want everyone to get there around three. We were just told that due to some technical issues they’ve had in the past, they’ll need everyone to bring their own systems, including mics and speakers. We have three mics but now we are going to have four different stages! Then we can have one set change and it will make the auditorium king happy with us. You guys will just set up and then you can leave and get food downtown or whatever you need. Could I get your phone number? Thank you, mine is (taken out)



” hey!
just wanted to touch bases and let you guys know we’re so excited for the show this saturday! each band has 25 mins. playing time and although the show only starts @ 7pm & doors open @ 6:30pm, we’d like everyone (bands/our set-up people) to be there at 3pm (or as close to as you can) so we can all meet up, help unload equipment, instruments, get them set up backstage, do sound/lighting checks, etc. if there’s extra time and all goes well, we’re looking at a food break around 5:30? 😀 please remember to bring your own PA system/amps/mic etc since there are issues using the house system and not enough mics would be available. thank you all and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me @ (taken out).
~sarah~ “

Seriously, whats with that? “ok, its three days away and all… but you need to bring your own sound system because we don’t know how to plan well….” That sounds mean, but thats the truth isn’t it?! Who does that?! There’s like 7 or 8 bands on the bill and they want everyone to bring a sound system? Ridiculous. I called both numbers last night which happened to go straight to voice mail (they’re high school students with their phones off. What happens if Johnny or Scott calls them to ask them out?! Better luck next time)… I still have not received a call back. I also messaged them back with my concerns (in a nice way!) No response. I really hope this doesn’t cause them to not let us play now. We’re not getting paid (which is fine since its a benefit show), we’re having to travel, we don’t have a sound system to bring nor the vehicle space to bring one.

Just a word to promoters: If you’re putting on a show, make sure you have all your ducks in a row before you begin to book things. And more importantly… if things change, give more than 3 days notice. That is all for me.



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  1. You should totally stage your own show outside the doors of the benefit concert and take all the people to your concert instead of theirs….that’s what I would do.

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