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November 8, 2007

Today I got my haircut like I do every month (or so it seems). I decided to go a lot shorter this time… kinda like I used to have it. But thats not the point of this post. The past 3 visits to the same hair establishment I’ve gotten the same hair stylist. His name is Joe, and he seems to be doing a good job on my mishapped head so I let him continue cutting my hair. During each visit we get more and more comfortable in our conversation with one another. In the past we’ve talked about how he likes to go out and party, and how I’m not really into that scene (this comes into play later). During this session a lady had her small child with her. This kid cried for a good 10 minutes or so. My hair stylist rolled his eyes (as I did mine). I let out a “Wow…” since the mother did nothing to stop her child from belting at the top of his lungs. My stylist asks me, “do you not like kids?” I answer, “actually, I love kids. I work with some.” This opened up the door for me to talk about working with the kids in Pinedale as well as my jr. high and high school students I work with at church. He asked me about my church, and started to tell me how he used to go, and how he was raised in a Christian home and how he stopped going in jr. high. I asked him why he had stopped going. He told me that since he’s gay its been really difficult for him to go, that people don’t accept him, etc. So we talked about Jesus and the church for a while and I got to apologize for the lack of acceptance churches seem to have towards the him and the gay comunity. I think he was surprised that I was talking to him about this subject and still respecting him at the same time. Sounds like besides his mom I’m the only Christian that hasn’t condemned him. Hearing his story made me sad… because I know Jesus would just want us to show him love. I guess all I can do now is pray for him, and keep being his friend.



  1. Thank you for a beautiful post, Tim! I’m glad God’s using you to show His amazing, unconditional (get it? hair? conditioner?) love to Joe!

    I struggle a bit with reaching out to the homosexual community. I understand that it’s a sin, just like any other sin… how do you show love and forgiveness while still remaining firm on not accepting sin? What do you tell Joe when he asks what you believe about his lifestyle?

  2. Luke:

    I really enjoyed and was encouraged by your response. It’s a really difficult thing to explain to someone that you don’t agree with their lifestyle but can still love them at the same time.
    We talked about how Jesus hung out with the prostitutes and just “regular” sinners for that matter. That God’s grace is limitless. He knows that I do not agree with or condone his lifestyle but at the same time thats no reason why we can’t be “friends” or no reason why I shouldn’t love him. We talked a bit about how the Church as failed in some areas but why its so great and important at the same time. Regardless, our main topic of conversation was about Jesus and our “relationships” with Him. He said he wants to go back to church someday…. when he’s ready. He also said his mom refers to him as her ‘Prodigal Son’.

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