1st and 30

October 28, 2007

This morning (Saturday) was week 3 of the Pinedale and Pal program at Pinedale Elementary. My team played their second game of the season against Raider “Reader Nation”. We’re the “Honor Roll” in case I haven’t mentioned it before. Last week they won the first game against the “Math Wizards” 14-7. This week we won 28-7. Looks like we have a solid defense!  I discovered today that I get very little respect during our practice time (we get an hour to practice before each game). My kids will wine, gripe, and try to run practice the way they want to… which would be fine if they didn’t all want to be quarterback! However, during the actual game they listen to me as if I’m paying them… which I’m not, I promise! Every offensive play I run on to the field and we huddle up as I make a play call (one of 5 we practiced) and every time they execute it perfectly! They try so hard during the game, I couldn’t ask for much more than that! Still, the difference from practice to the game amazes me. One volunteer shared some nice words with me today.  She told me that I was doing a great job; that the kids feed off my energy during the game. I told her I just try to encourage them and make it fun, but I guess I can get pretty excited myself when I see my kids breaking tackles and throwing touchdowns! 🙂

Coach Tim:

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