Barnyard Show

October 18, 2007

Last Friday my band and I were lucky enough to be on an amazing bill at the barnyard. It included: Luke Mundy, Bidwell, Us, Lost Ocean, and Briertone. Every band/artist were very talented. Unfortunately not as many people came as we would have liked… a lot of this was due to the rain, high school football games and a 5th Quarter (student outreach event) going on the same night but we still made the best of the situation! We debuted some new songs that we felt went over pretty well. It was nice to finally play some of the newer songs that we have been working on, and just recorded. We were a bit sloppy but I don’t think too many people noticed! Even my little sister and Dad came to watch us! My dad hadn’t been to a UA show since I’ve joined the band so it was pretty special. Some other friends that I haven’t seen in a long time came to support too!

Ok, sorry this post has been boring so far but it will get a lot little more entertaining. During Briertone’s set they brought out a bunch of empty glass liqor bottles and wooden blocks for the crowed to participate during their song “Gypsy Girl” (a personal favorite). We were instructed to hit the glass with the block on the 2nd and 4th beats. I was doing just fine for the first 23 seconds then… BAM! or shall I say CRACK!!!

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Sorry for the really crappy picture I made.  But I did it real fast in paint while I was at work.  So as you can see, I was hitting the bottle and it shattered on the carpet below.  The singer stopped singing to say, “well thats never happened before.”  I’m always glad to be a part of history!  Luckily no one was hurt.  Except my dignity.

We’re playing this Friday night at Kuppajoe, and then Saturday at JCM Warehouse in Pleasant Hill.   Expect some more (and hopefully better) blogs to follow.



  1. I enjoyed your feat of super-human man-bear strength. That Stoli had no idea what hit it.

  2. Tim-

    I must admit I am really, really bad at going back and looking to see if anyone has commented on my previous posts..so I am sorry for the delay. But I must say I am completely impressed and flattered that you made it through my entire blog. That is no easy feat. I don’t think I have even gone back and read most of the older stuff. Wow. Thank you.

  3. you and your silly blogcrush…

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