Ready… Set… Hike!!!

October 14, 2007

This morning I headed to Pinedale Elementary to help out with a flag football league for the neighborhood children. My church and some other organizations use this to teach kids teamwork, discipline, and to also possibly use this as a tool to share Christ with them and their families; but mostly we’re just there to serve. Today I was in charge of the Wide Receiver or “Catching Drill”. This meant me throwing passes to kids all morning! Luckily my arm is in tip-top shape kind of like this guy:


Actually, I think I looked a little more like this:


Anyway, the morning was a lot of fun. After the different drills that the kids were graded on (whats up with that anyway?) the man in charge decided to put them in a little scrimmage game. Myself and Victor (aslo a youth leader at RVC) were coaches of one team, and some other dudes were coaches of the other. I was in charge of making sure kids were rotated in and out of the game while Victor ran plays. I was stunned to how quickly kids start opening up to grownups me. One boy was telling me how confused he was. He didn’t know anything about the game. I asked him if he ever watched football on tv and he responded with “I don’t have a tv”… Tim = pwned. So I took some extra time on the sideline to explain a few things to him.

Another girl that I subbed out immediately starts telling me. “See those people running over here? That’s my family. They must have just gotten back from the hospital. My cousin got in a car accident this week and had to get his leg taken off.” Then she said this next sentence with extreme sadness yet the most understanding an 8 year old girl could have, “And you know what? He’s only 17. It’s terrible…” I wasn’t even sure how to respond to that. I just looked at her and said “Everything is going to be alright.” And I meant it. I’m not sure why I said it, or why I believe what I said… but I do. Before she went back in the game she looked up at me smiling and said, “mmm, do you smell that? Mom’s making ribs!”

My third and final encounter I had this morning was with another girl. This girl was a bit older… probably around 12 or so.

Girl: (while walking to the sidelines) I want to be quarterback!

Me: Well I’ll talk to coach about that and we’ll see what we can do!

Girl: Nevermind, I want hot cheetos!

Me: (almost cracking up) How about after the game?

Girl: No I’m flat broke. I spent all my money on KFC.

Me: Oh really?

Girl: Yeah, I had it for dinner last night, mmm an 8 piece meal!

Me: Wow thats a lot of chicken.

Girl: You’re telling me! But it was so good I got the same thing for breakfast this morning!

Football was good today 🙂



  1. I love Pinedale! I’m doing my student teaching there!

  2. So… what does Tom Brady and Brokeback Mountain have to do with KFC? Seriously, Tim… confusing post.

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