Vote Censorship 2008!

October 11, 2007

Last Friday a couple of my closest friends (Tyler and Jameson) took me out to Olive Garden to celebrate my birthday (from September). Our waitress was no good, but the food was excellent like always. While walking out after our meal I decided to use their bathroom facilities. While washing my hands I notice a very old man enter the bathroom. Now I have absolutely nothing against old people but I’ve gotta say this man made me a little uncomfortable. Why you ask? Well as I’m reaching for the soap dispenser I notice the man is holding something in his hand. Yes, thats right. He’s holding exactly what you think he is. The weird funny thing about it is how he was barely through the door and “it” was already out. He slowly walked to the urinal and did his business…. from long range. Yes, he did not take advantage of the urinal walls that separate one another. He decided to go rogue.  And I decided not to stick around seeing how I was done washing my hands at this point and there was no telling of what this man might do next! What does this experience lead us to?  Join me in Censorship ’08! Keeping old people out of bathrooms! Just kidding! 😉 So remember if you’re planning on going to your local Olive Garden anytime soon remember to close your eyes before washing your hands, or just go to the bathroom before venturing outside your home.


One comment

  1. What are you talking about? I do that all the time….
    That was disgusting.

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