Randy’s Bachelor Party

August 20, 2007

This weekend myself, Randy, Jameson, and Tyler went to Jameson’s beach house in San Simeon to celebrate Randy getting married this September. Everything started out great. We listened to some good jams in the car (yes I said jams) , watched some Arrested Development and then crashed. The next morning we grabbed some breakfast and headed to the golf course! My fun there was shortly lived however when Jameson ran his golf cart over the back (and then front) of my foot making me practically immobile for the the rest of the trip. Oddly enough the same man that worked on the golf carts there who said, “You guys are too young to ride in carts… lazy mother F***ers.” was the same man who came running up the hill with med kit in-hand to wrap my foot. Needless to say there was no golf or ocean playing for Tim this time around. Jameson was kind enough to offer piggy-back rides the rest of the weekend. I however politely declined. I’m going to the doctor today to see whats up with this foot. I might include some pictures of this weekend in a future post (including my golf shoes with tire marks). For now I hope this picture will suffice.

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Also, all weekend long I was listening to “Something Like Silas” “Divine Invitation” which I really needed. I had only dabbled in them a little bit in the past. About 3 years ago, I was given a cd of theirs from some random guy I met in San Diego, never really listened to it… Then Luke gave me their album a little over a year ago and didn’t really take much of a listen but left it in my iTunes. More recently I started really liking Future of Forestry which is SLS reformed. I don’t have their album so when I was in the mood this weekend, I went for the next best thing! And man, I guess I just connected with the music and lyrics for whatever reason. When I got back home I started reading their bios. I thought his (SLS and FOF’s frontman) story was pretty neat. There’s redemption through Jesus Christ. That’s for sure.


One comment

  1. thanks for the comment. it made me smile.

    um…i know you’ve been in the studio since your last post…and i know you’re going to joshuafest this weekend…so…i expect copious amounts of posting.

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