Studio Update#1

August 16, 2007

As some of you know my band is currently recording our first full length album.  So far we have all the drums tracked and about half (9 tracks) are mixed and aligned to a grid.  I went in yesterday to track my bass.  We only had about 3 hours and I thought I’d get 4-6 songs completed…. only we ran into some issues with the drums… a lot of them were not in time.  So it took about an hour and a half to fix those parts only leaving me an hour to record.  After dialing in my bass tone I got two tracks finished.  “G-Rock” and “Do What You Want”.  I’m going back in today around 2…. hopefully I can get 6-8 songs done tonight!

I’ll leave you with the description of our band that can be found on Bill’s (engineer and co-producer)  website:  “Until April alternative rockers just completed their demo. If you like green day, blink 182, etc… You should check them out. They are currently playing gigs in the Fresno area.”——-HAHAHAHA!   I love it.  Oh Bill…. you slay me!


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