They just feel like tiny little stabs…

August 7, 2007

Thats the description I was given by my tattoo artist when I asked the question, “what’s it going to feel like?” Of course this was over a year ago now when I got my first tattoo. Since then I have been getting a much larger piece worked on since about April. I’ve only had 3 full sessions on it (1 outline and 2 for coloring in) which is probably a direct result of availability, pain, and $$$. But it’s almost done! I haven’t shown anyone the work except those who ask me in person. Maybe I’ll post it on my m-space when its complete, maybe not. Only 1 more session to go! Here’s a pic of it right after my last session (Saturday). Sorry the quality isn’t very good, i took it with my phone.

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I want some Hebrew for my next tattoo… Anyone wanna give me a link to “Shalom” in Hebrew? I’ve found some contradicting websites….


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