Pleasant Hill & San Francisco 7/27/07-7/28/07

July 30, 2007

On Friday the boys and I met up around 2pm to head up to Pleasant Hill for a show at the JCM Warehouse (thats Jesus Christ Ministries). We had this show booked for a couple of months now but I didn’t make contact with the venue owner until the week before. Our conversation did not go well because he explained how they share a drum kit as well as guitar and bass cabinets. This is something that no musician really cares to do. I mean, what if he invested on some Kirkland drum kit and Peavy cabs??? Ok, Kirkland would probably be alright since they are slowly taking over the world one product at a time but still… what if it sucks, right?! On top of that he also had a ridiculous load in time of 4pm (the show didn’t start till 7:30).  Our work schedules made us about an hour and half late which I had previously told him. Because of that we were forced to open up instead of playing 2nd. This made no sense to any of us but we went with it. We arrived there and something just seemed a little weird to me. Everyone was really nice… but there was something a little off about them. I couldn’t put my finger on it. We sound checked (they used Audio Technica mics) and then ate some food which they provided. It was really good actually. We played our 30 minute set and rocked the house. The crowed was mostly adults who came. The local act was a worship team that was playing after us. I think most came to see them. I think the weirdness I was feeling before was due to the fact that most of the attendees there were very charismatic in their faith which is something I’m not really used to. They were very spirit led which isn’t a bad thing but I found to be odd dealing with the smallest of details. Before I go any further I would like to state that my band is not a Christian Band. We are all believers in Jesus Christ (and have accepted him as our Savior) and just so happen to all be Christians in a rock band but we’ve never claimed to be anything other than that. It’s odd when you see some people lifting their hands and worshiping to the music of “Away From You”. There were a few teenagers though so that was nice. Either way it’s always fun putting on a good show. We ended up selling quite a bit of merch which is nice for a change. While sitting at our merch table a girl in her 30’s I’m guessing came over and starts telling me about the vision she had of me while we were playing our set. She said she saw the English flag in front of me and said that I’m going to be speaking into many peoples lives who are of English decent. She also said I need to go to England and if money was the only thing stopping me then we could pray about it and God will make it happen. Oh, and apparently I’m also going to fall in love with a girl who’s English. After this I’m going to gain power (I think she meant Spiritual power?) over 2 Spanish-speaking nations. There were some more things she saw but that was the gist of it. Times like these I’m honestly like… “WTF?!” How much of it do I take in, and how much of it do I just keep in Pleasant Hill? A lot of what she said was right on in what I believe is Biblical but a lot of it also sounds crazy to me. Am I just lacking faith? Or am I just discerning? The night came to a good close when the venue owner paid us. He paid us an obscene amount. This odd show ended up being our most profitable and probably encouraging shows we’ve ever played.

The next afternoon we drove over to beautiful San Francisco. It was a little bit passed lunchtime and we hadn’t eaten so we went to Haight St. to get some pizza at Escape From New York. Best pesto pizza in the state for sure. We stopped by the legendary Haight & Ashbury Music Center to try and maybe find some vintage or boutique amps. To be honest, it was kind of a let down when we walked inside. They had TONS of cool and rare guitars but not much of an amp selection and they didn’t really want you touching the guitars. We headed over to the Bar/venue we were playing at called The House of Shields located right off of Market St. where we unloaded our gear and walked downtown for a while before our show started. We went on around 11:00pm. The venue was pretty neat looking inside. The bar was downstairs (with tables to eat as well) and the stage was upstairs in this really cool open air room (see pictures below)

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This show was special because some friends of mine from work drove up to come see us play. Sean and I took advantage of our wireless packs and walked downstairs during one of our songs to try and get the people at the bar “bumpin“. We closed out our set with “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer which seemed to be the perfect song to end with at the bar. It caught the attention of almost every person in the bar as they began to sing alone with us!

After the show we hung out, drank a beer and smoked a cigar. Before the bar closed we packed our gear into the van and walked to Del Taco (at 2am) where Randy was hustled by a street worker (and no, I do not mean a prostitute). It’s ok though. Even though the guy wanted “20 bucks, c’mon 20 bucks, 20 bucks.” Randy only had to pay him in form of a taco. So all in all this weekend was a good one. Playing a show in San Francisco is something I’ll never forget.

Thanks for baring with me (if you made it this far).



  1. Shut up. That’s crazy. Maybe she just saw Randy dancing like a girl with his “England” shirt on.

    …the thing about Spanish-speaking nations is probably true though. Military power.

  2. hmm…power over nations…

    is it at all possible that you might be the anti-christ??

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