Thank you Luke and Gene

July 27, 2007

I would first and foremost like to thank my friends Luke and Gene for opening my eyes and fingers to the blog world, or world of blogging as they put it (they’ve actually never referred to it as that). I’ll be using this blog mostly to write about my perspective of what its like to be a very small semi-successful band based out of Fresno, CA. I’ll be including you in our Studio Time, rehearsals, band meetings, Shows, and more. I also might occasionally blog about other subjects that I feel are important at the time. So I really should have just said this is going to be a blog page about myself (not my band) but what’s done is done! And this bear is certainly not going to be hitting backspace on the keyboard… Enjoy, and give me some love!



  1. Welcome!

  2. you owe us big bear.

    OLD BIG BEAR!!!!

    …he likes the honey.

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